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What We're Looking For...

  • Read past issues of our magazine and anthologies for a sense of what we publish. The same editors who chose the short fiction will choose our next novella.

  • We want novellas that exude a love of language. We want well-crafted sentences and honed rhythms. And yet, we are not interested in novellas that are merely “stylistic.” We want narrative momentum, dimensional characters, and a plot that delivers the sense of arrival.

  • We stray away from young-adult, fantasy, romance, and mainstream mystery. 



  • Novella submissions are currently open. If our editors need to catch up, we will temporarily close them. 

  • Novella submissions typically take four to nine months. Our target is six.

  • Our editors love to collaborate with authors. When we accept your novel, we offer an in-depth critique, working alongside you to improve all aspects of your novella.



  • Fiction only.

  • Recommended length is 15,000-30,000 words. While this is our sweet spot, we will consider works slightly outside of these parameters. Distinguish, though, between the novella and the novel. 50,000 words, for instance, feels more like a novel.

  • Preferred formatting: standard, 12-point font and single-spacing. Manuscript should appear in a .doc, .docx, or PDF format.

  • Excerpts of the novella may have been published individually, but 50% of the novella may not have appeared in a single prior publication.

  • Simultaneous submissions are accepted. Please withdraw your submission immediately if the work has been accepted elsewhere.

  • We read submissions blind, so please do not include your name, email, or any identifying characteristics on the manuscript itself.

  • Submit works written in English only. At this time, we do not accept translations.


  • Winners will receive a cash reward and 10 copies of their printed novella. Payment is contingent on word count (see below).

    • 15,000 - 17,500 Words: Awarded $300​

    • 17,500 - 22,500 Words: Awarded $400

    • 22,500 - 30,000 Words: Awarded $500

  • A print run of the novella will be sold on our website and through affiliate bookstores. Additionally, your work will be nationally and internationally distributed by Ingram & Asterism.

  • The winner will partake in a multi-round interview about their work; this interview will be published in the pages following the novella.

  • All of our novellas receive a moderate publicity push by our in-house team. We’ll try our best to get you a few reviews, podcast appearances, in-person readings, or features around the web.

  • After the first 100 copies are sold, the writer receives 20% royalties. Copies bought by or awarded to the writer do not count toward the number of copies sold.

  • Depending upon scheduling and availability, authors may also have the opportunity to take part in an author signing & reading at future AWP conventions.

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