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Our stories share little in common outside of a love of language; well-crafted sentences and a honed rhythm are a must for Driftwood contributors. We stray away from young adult, fantasy, romance, novel chapters, and mainstream mystery fiction. While we're interested  in experimentalism and stream of consciousness (not auto-writing), we do expect a story to have narrative momentum. Oftentimes, we're drawn to stories with a hint of surrealism, but we publish a little bit of every genre.

Writers may submit one piece of prose per submission, no longer than 5,000 words. Please use single spacing and make sure the document is '.doc' or '.docx' file type. Please do not submit PDFs.

Normal submissions are open during the months of February and August. You may submit to our short story contests Sept-Jan & Mar-July. Each story is considered by two editors unless submitted via the one week option.




Whether you are seasoned or a beginner brimming with poetic inspiration, we call upon your abilities. At Driftwood, we are devoted to finding poetry of the highest caliber; we seek poetry of literary importance. Some of our favorite poets are Adrienne Rich, Aase Berg, Tomaž Šalamun, Roberto Bolaño, Sharon Olds, and Max Ritvo. Overly romanticized, antiquated, or colloquial poetry is not our focus. Narrative poetry, experimental forms, and content that reveals your unique style are welcomed.


Poets can submit up to three poems, each being no longer than 60 lines. Please submit all poems in one document. 




 Individual graphic works may range from a

single image to twenty-two pages of comic 

art. Please submit no more than five photo-

graphs unless they are in a series, in which case

you may send up to twenty. Please send us the high-

est resolution possible for any visual art submission; a work may be denied simply on the grounds that the resolution is not high enough for publication. Upon acceptance, we may ask for a specific file type to publish with. If your work does not have a title, please label it 'Untitled'.

We can serialize longer graphic works, but the first chapter of the work and a series outline must be presented before serialization is promised. If we accept your series, we will publish individual chapters of no more than twenty-two pages in each issue. Some of our favorite graphic artists are Jaime & Gilbert Hernandez, Brecht Evens, Inio Asano, Anders Nilsen, Olivier Schrauwen, Simon Hanselmann, Taiyo Matsumoto, David Lapham, David Mazzucchelli, Dash Shaw, and Gipi.

Visual Arts & COmics




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