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Driftwood Press
Online Poetry Workshop

Driftwood Press is excited to announce our next online poetry workshop! During this five-week workshop, led by managing poetry editor Jerrod Schwarz, poets will enjoy comprehensive edits and critiques of their work, as well as tailormade generative writing exercises. In addition, the workshop leader will also provide weekly writing prompts, submission opportunities, and interesting reading resources. Below is a short outline of the weekly course structure:



  • Writing Prompts - At the beginning of each week, you will be sent (via email) a tailormade poetry prompt created by the instructor specific for your class. These prompts are entirely optional; you can use poems created from these prompts in the Sunday workshop, but you are also welcome to bring original, prewritten poems instead.

  • Readings - You will also receive a reading. These will take the form of interesting poems, craft essays, or writer resources, all available to you digitally.



  • Facebook Discussion - Once you are enrolled in the workshop, you will be added to a class-specific Facebook group where you can share work and engage with other course participants. On Wednesdays, the workshop instructor will post a craft discussion topic in the Facebook page for the class to discuss.



  • Generative Writing (1 hr. Zoom) - Each week, the workshop leader will prepare a unique generative writing exercise for the group. These generative writing exercises will range from poem prompts to more thematic writing exercises, with time at the end for participants to share and discuss.



  • Poetry Workshop (2-3 hr. Zoom) - Each week, students will be able to share work in a roundtable, MFA-style workshop setting. Participants will read their work and receive feedback from the instructor and others in the course. This workshop will be capped at a maximum of fifteen participants to ensure that each writer has ample time to share and discuss their work. *workshop times have, in the past, been at 4pm EST for both Saturday and Sunday, though this is determined by each cohort's availability*


Below you will find more information about the instructor, course cost, and start time. We are ecstatic to be offering this workshop, and we cannot wait to work with you to grow your writing!



  • Cost - This five-week workshop will cost $250 USD. In addition, you will also receive two physical Driftwood titles mailed to you (one chapbook and one full length poetry collection).

  • Dates - This course will start on MARCH 27th and end on APRIL 30th. Submissions will remain open until March 26th or the workshop fills with 10 participants.


About The Instructor - Hi! I’m Jerrod, the managing poetry editor of Driftwood Press. My poetry has appeared in places like PANK, Entropy, VICE news, and many others. I am also the author of No Name Atkins (CLASH Books), WHAT THE BARN CAN’T KILL (Blasted Tree Publishing), and conjure (Thirty West Publishing House). Having taught at the college-level for many years, I am excited to bring a blend of academic writing pedagogy and community-focused teaching to this workshop. Above all else, I want to give writers practical strategies to intentionally engage with their own work. I look forward to learning more about your writing and workshopping it in a safe, constructive space!

Seminar Testimonials

"The lectures treated us like serious writers."

- Carole Craig

“Absolutely respected the depth of the seminar and research by the instructor..."


"Critiques were very constructive and highly useful with delicate advice for improvement."


“Prompts were very extensive with choices of a wide range of topics from light hearted to intense."


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