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Driftwood Seminar Series

Erasure Poetry Seminar

Driftwood Press is excited to hold a yearly Erasure Poetry Seminar, the first in a series of online craft classes that we're offering! This seminar is a five-week, in-depth look at the history, practice, and importance of erasure poetry.

Each week, students receive a video lesson from the course instructor, multiple tailor-made writing prompts, and detailed feedback on their writing. In addition, students also have access to a class-only Facebook group where work can be shared and a Youtube channel where course materials will be available ad nauseum to class members. Those who take the class also receive a copy of the wonderful erasure collection A Little White Shadow (by Mary Ruefle), shipped directly to them. The course will culminate in a Showcase Booklet of students’ erasure poems available for free on Driftwood’s website and shared through our social media! 

To see the 2018 showcase booklet, a compilation of many of our students' hard work during the seminar, please click the image on the right.

About the instructor: Jerrod Schwarz teaches creative writing at the University of Tampa. His erasure poetry has been published in PANK, Entropy, Poets Reading the News, the Plath Project, and others. Most recently his erasure work has been featured in places like VICE and included in Make Blackout Poetry: Activist Edition . He has lectured extensively about the topic of erasure/found poetry to both undergraduate and graduate students.

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