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Driftwood Press Poem Contest


Winning Results

​We are excited to announce that Annie Christain is the winner of Driftwood Press' 2020 In-House Poem Contest! Her poem, "Every Time I Go Back Is Encoded in Pi," will appear in our July 2020 issue alongside a spotlight interview. Thank you to everyone who submitted and to our three other finalists, who will also be published in the issue!


  • "Every Time I Go Back Is Encoded in Pi" by Annie Christain

  • "Gaia" by Chelsea Jackson

  • "Appropriate Jewels for Courtship" by Emily Paige Wilson

  • "disassociation" by Kay Lin


  • Submissions will be open from September 1st to January 15th.

  • Winner will be announced in April 2020.

  • Winner will be published in 2020.


  • The winning poet will receive $400, five copies of the issue they appear in, and the opportunity to participate in a standout interview about their work.

  • Up to five finalist will be selected as well. Finalists will receive $35, publication in Driftwood Press' print journal, and a free copy of the issue they appear in.



  • Submitters may send up to five poems in a single document for consideration.

  • Each poem must not exceed sixty lines.

  • Prose poetry, experimental poetry, and poetry with a visual element are all welcome. Collaborations are also welcome, just know that you will be required to evenly split the $400 USD reward money amongst however many contributors there are.

  • We do not accept translations, and any submissions should be written primarily in English.

  • Do not include any identifying information (name, email, etc.) within your submitted document. We read all work blind, and failure to follow this rule will result in a rejected and unread submission.

  • You may include a cover letter/biography in the form space below, but these are not read by editors and hold no sway in our selection process.

  • Submission fee is $10.00 USD. Additionally, we are offering a $23 dollar submission option that will include a print copy of the issue in which the winning poem will be published. 

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