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Driftwood 2023 Anthology

Taking the reins of our previous bi-annual literary magazine, our new annual anthology packs double the punch! The 2023 anthology brings you over 150 pages of fiction, over 50 pages of poetry, and around 80 pages of comics. The anthology is also filled with dozens of thoughtful, craft-focused interviews that take a dive deep into these amazing pieces of writing and art.

This anthology features the work of...

Michael Hugh Stewart

Johanna Povirk-Znoy

Vincent Panella

Izzy Buck

Rebecca Starks

Victor McConnell

Jenna Abrams

Marcie Roman

Mason Boyles


Luke Burton

Kimberly Sailor

Margaret Yapp

Bader Al Awadhi

Shaoni White

Anthony Immergluck

Robert Laidler

Derek Annis

Caroline Harper New

Sarah Levine

Robin Walter

Ana Prundaru

Qiyue Zhang

Kimball Anderson

Yaronn Regev

Dave Youkovich

Stefanie Jordan

Ben Montague

Olivia Sullivan

Cover Artist: Olivia Sullivan

Cover Designer: Sally Franckowiak

Editors James McNulty & Jerrod Schwarz have been editing the Driftwood Press Literary Magazine for ten years. They're thrilled to bring this new anthology filled with stories, poems, comics, and interviews.

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