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Girl at the End of the World

Erin Carlyle’s Girl at the End of the World works through a father's death with a sharp focus on place, expanding into the realms of science fiction and mythmaking.

From the Editor, Sara Moore Wagner: Girl at the End of the World is about grief: its grieving childhood landscape, the death of the addict father, and a broader ecological grief centered on climate change and the end of the world. Erin Carlyle is an expert writer of place, one who teeters lyrically between safety and chaos. She captures the disorienting feeling of losing a complicated father at a time when the world, too, is falling apart. This book is very near Southern Gothic in the way it takes the reader through the desolate landscape of the South and loss. It ends with a turn to the supernatural and space, to make sense of a senseless world.

Cover Artist: Neva Hosking

Cover Designer: Sally Franckowiak

Growing up in rural Kentucky and Alabama, Erin Carlyle’s poetry often deals with the intersections of place, poverty, and girlhood. While poetry is her first love, she also enjoys film and music, and is an avid record collector. She teaches English and Georgia State University where she is also pursuing her PhD in Creative Writing. She lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband, two cats, and one dog.

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