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The Convert's Heart is Good to Eat

Melody S. Gee's The Convert's Heart is Good to Eat meets at the intersection of cultural and spiritual identity, culminating in a set of harrowing poems that investigates how belief defines us.

"Melody Gee’s gorgeous poems offer both divine wounds and delicious consolations. At the intersections of the familial and the sacred, The Convert’s Heart is Good to Eat reminds us that what is created is also consumed. Beautiful, sensory, and aching, this collection reminds us that not all hungers are mortal ones."

– Traci Brimhall, author of Our Lady of the Ruins

"Melody Gee’s The Convert’s Heart Is Good to Eat is a book of captivating intensity and precision. This compact collection reveals a talent and range that are rare in recent books of poems by American poets. Deeply evocative, Gee’s lyric meditations on motherhood, being a daughter, and on how one shapes a voice for an adult convert are as necessary as food and water for the living soul."

– Eugene Gloria, author of Sightseer in this Killing City

"What happens when the call of spirit utterly changes a life? “To be consoled begins with grief,” Melody S. Gee writes, and I think about that prefix, con: how it means “with” in Latin; how Gee’s book is a chronicle of being with: with God, and with parents, children, and the old self, in the light of new faith. I thought too of the word concord—to “heart” with another. How do I walk in concord? This is the primary question of Gee's moving book."

– Dana Levin, author of Now Do You Know Where You Are

Cover Artist: Max Emanuel Ainmiller

Cover Designer: Sally Franckowiak

Melody S. Gee is the author of The Dead in Daylight (Cooper Dillon Books, 2016) and Each Crumbling House (Perugia Press, 2010), winner of the Perugia Press Prize. She is the recipient of Kundiman poetry and fiction fellowships, two Pushcart Prize nominations, and the Robert Watson Literary Prize. Her poems, essays, and reviews appear in Commonweal Magazine, Blood Orange Review, Lantern Review, and The Rappahannock Review. She is a freelance writer and editor living in St. Louis, Missouri with her husband and daughters.

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