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Big Gorgeous Jazz Machine

Big Gorgeous Jazz Machine is a collection of experimental graphic works and comics poetry. It includes more traditionally-minded comics (with a lyrical bent) with abstract and conceptual works, including text-based comics and comics inspired by modernist abstractions. Taken together, the work finds kinship with contemporary avant-cartoonists like Warren Craghead, Aidan Koch, and Simon Moreton, while striking out toward something altogether new. Parts of this collection have appeared in Devil's Lake, TYPO Magazine, The Offing, PANK Magazine, Entropy Magazine, Big Other, Horse Less Review, Heavy Feather Review, among others.



”A lovely collection of poetry comics that don’t fear the page, the materials, or the reader. Every piece pushes a little deeper than you can anticipate, and every page shows off a fresh new experiment. Considered, organic, delectable!”


— Sam Alden, author of New Construction



"Nick Francis Potter’s Big Gorgeous Jazz Machine is a prismatic, polychromatic machine of penciled comic and poetry, whose magnificent work will ignite you into falling in love with an inextinguishable man wearing a white shirt on fire and into falling in love with violetesque chairs, and other chaotic splendors such as a tablecloth like chapel, skylight, dogs, low-battery jazz machine, armchairs, and even Alvin Dillinger’s twin brother, Conrad, who turns worrying and disappearance into a pulsating, sibylline art. Potter is a genius at taking the mundane and converting it into a kaleidoscopic tool of percipient humor and incisive wisdom. His drawings, unlike Edward Gorey’s, are a cauldron of colors, globetrot you into a psychedelic voyage, and strap you on a lexical, graphitic seatbelt just so you could feel graphemically and hallucinogenically safe in his supercalifragilisticexpialidocious world."


— Vi Khi Nao, author of Fish in Exile



"These works, that are a delight to the eye, and a dream for the ear—are exactly what I look for in poetry comics. They experiment with visions of text (and absence of text) and our human greed for narrative."


— Bianca Stone, author of The Mobius Strip Club of Grief



Genre: Comic Collection

ISBN: 978-1-949065-14-5

Page Count: 132 | Full-color

Release Date: March 22nd 2022


**Cover Art by Nick Francis Potter

**Cover Design by Nick Francis Potter & Sally Franckowiak



Big Gorgeous Jazz Machine

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