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Driftwood 2024 Anthology

Driftwood Press' latest anthology is filled to the brim with this year's fiction & poetry award winners—and so much more! The 2024 Anthology contains over 100 pages of fiction, over 80 pages of poetry, and over 50 pages of comics and visual arts. But that's not all: in keeping with Driftwood's focus on writers & craft, this anthology is also filled with dozens of thoughtful, craft-focused interviews that take a dive deep into these amazing pieces of writing and art. Driftwood's heavy focus on editorial excellence has helped cultivate, nurture, and curate some of the strongest stories being published in the small press ecosystem. Many stories published within Driftwood have gone on to be republished in award-winning collections & anthologies, such as the PEN/Dau Short Story Prize Anthology & Best Small Fictions.


This anthology features the work of Susan Jardaneh, Kate Finegan, Abigail Waters, Sarp Sozdinler, Colin Bonini, Gabriel Houck, Mylo Lam, Caroline Harper New, Amy Marques, Daniel Hudon, Ashley Taylor, Sebastian Merrill, Jessica Dawn Zinz, Quinton Okoro, Carmen Fought, Afton Montgomery, Valerie Fox, Zarah Parker, Paul Doty, Michael Brockley, Rodney Wilder, Kelly Gray, Erika Eckart, Joshua Roark, Kailey Tedesco, Laura Goldin, Kyle Marbut, Daniel McGee, Alison Davis, Melinda Freudenberger, Andrew Hutto, Catherine Eaton Skinner, Shannon Louise Barry, & Brian Kearney.


Author: Various

Genre: Anthology

ISBN: 978-1-949065-31-2

Page Count: 262

Release Date: March 26 2023


**Cover Art by Ío Wuerich

**Cover Design by Sally Franckowiak & James McNulty

Driftwood 2024 Anthology

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