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Driftwood Press 3.3

Driftwood Press 3.3

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  • Our eleventh issue features work from the wonderful minds of Mark Jacobs, Stacy Austin Egan, Josh Potter, John Skarl, Frank Geurrandeno, Hannah Nelson, Christie Wilson, Dave Earnhardt, William Stobb, Chumki Sharma, John Davis Jr., Ashwini Bhasi, Gary Wilkens, Anna Weber, Dylan Debelis, Alec Solomita, Guinotte Wise, Jim Gustafson, Melanie Dunbar, Nikoletta Nousiopoulos, Yi-hui Huang, W. Jack Savage, and Ian C. Williams. Scott R. Smith returns with the next instalment of his wonderful comic, Invasive Studies. The managing editors are James McNulty and Jerrod Schwarz. Carson Frame, Dan Leach, and Felicia Krol are the fiction editors. Adam Hardy, Theo Greenblatt, and Dylan Davis are seasonal editors. Sally Franckowiak is the cover designer.
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