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hell of birds

"hell of birds is ferocious in its energy and acrobatics. With arresting images and unexpected enjambment, the poems twist and turn, often coming to a halt so surprising, you’re left reeling in the white space, out of breath. Kimberly writes, 'One day the world will sing through your blood.' After reading this collection, you’ll feel the earth in your bones."


— Erica Dawson, author of When Rap Spoke Straight to God



“You’ve not read a collection like hell of birds before. This is wild new work by a poet with a vision and a voice—and with wings. The rapture is contagious: it’s our lives. These poems net all of it—the heaven and the hell of it in these fearless and music-filled poems.”


— Laura Kasischke, National Book Critics Circle Award winner



Genre: Poetry Chapbook

ISBN: 978-1-949065-02-2

Page Count: 30

Release Date: March 1 2019


**Cover Art by Alexander Landerman

**Cover Design by Sally Franckowiak

hell of birds

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