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Lanternfly August

“In Lanternfly August, Robin Gow intertwines the metamorphosis of outlaws to implore, ‘Will I still be beautiful without my hunger?’ The formally inventive poems meditate on unheralded grace despite incremental apocalypse. By declaring, ‘Will someone take a picture of me while I’m still breathing?’ Gow teaches us to survive by embracing ephemerality over futurity.”


– Sarah Sala, author of The Devil’s Lake


“Robin Gow’s Lanternfly August is a marvelous feat. Across this collection, Gow asks us to consider who or what is marked as invasive—like the lanternfly and the tree of heaven, which have the ‘wrong body’ or exist in the ‘wrong context’ and can be killed or cut down without consequence. These poems posit new pathways to identification in the face of such estrangement so that we might imagine anew what flourishing might come after ruin.” 


– Donika Kelly, author of bestiary and The Renunciations



Author: Robin Gow

Genre: Poetry Collections

ISBN: 978-1-949065-28-2

Page Count: 100

Release Date: October 24 2023


**Cover Art by George Shaw

**Cover Design by Sally Franckowiak & Jerrod Schwarz

Lanternfly August

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