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“Part dreamscape, part dirge, and all rapturous music, REJOICER adds another voice to the fierce tradition of American Surrealism. This book amasses so much lyrical invention and ardor that we come to see the world as a disembodied space as boundless as it is inescapable. A stunning work of art.”


— Michael McGriff, author of Eternal Sentences



“Skyler Osborne seems surprised and amused by the sensorially overloaded modern world in his debut book of poems, but his REJOICER is painfully aware that ‘There is no distance between the Lord/and his monsters tearing up the yard.’ Osborne’s surreal images navigate childhood and the cosmos with equal tenderness from a kaleidoscopic middle America scored with terrors, absurdities, and indignities. It’s a world of ‘Names of streets and songs/ and the family bowing backwards until they vanished, It all vanished. And it estranged memory—…’ By torquing vestiges of memory into a new reality, a gentle poet de-fangs a hostile universe. Reader, the resilience of these fraught poems will inspire your broken spirit.”


— Jane Miller, author of The Greater Leisures



Author: Skyler Osborne

Genre: Poetry Collections

ISBN: 978-1-949065-27-5

Page Count: 84

Release Date: July 25 2023


**Cover Art by Dustin Ray

**Cover Design by Sally Franckowiak & Jerrod Schwarz


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