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Driftwood Press Poem Contest

Winning Results


We are so excited to announce that Caroline Harper New's "The Bathtub" is this year's winner for the 2023 Driftwood Poem Contest! This is a stark, rich poem about family dynamics and the looming threat of natural disasters. ​​

We would also like to thank the following finalists as well for their amazing work:

  • "The Atlas of Indescribable Dead Things" - Kelly Gray

  • "just outside lagos" - Quinton Okoro

  • "In a Sanctuary" - Ty Holter

  • World Building #1 - Valerie Fox

Finally, we'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who submitted their work. It was an honor to read it, and we cannot wait to see what amazing poems we receive for next year's contest!


  • Submissions will be open from September 1st to January 31st.

  • Winner will be announced in April 2023.

  • Winner will be published in 2024 Anthology.


  • The winning poet will receive $300, five copies of the anthology they appear in, and the opportunity to participate in a standout interview about their work.

  • Up to five finalist will be selected as well. Finalists will receive $50, publication in Driftwood Press' print journal, and a free copy of the anthology they appear in.

Past Contest Winners

[2022 Contest]

[2021 Contest]

[2020 Contest]

[2019 Contest]



  • Submitters may send up to five poems in a single document for consideration.

  • Each poem must not exceed sixty lines.

  • Prose poetry, experimental poetry, and poetry with a visual element are all welcome. Collaborations are also welcome, just know that you will be required to evenly split the $300 USD reward money amongst however many contributors there are.

  • We do not accept translations, and any submissions should be written primarily in English.

  • Do not include any identifying information (name, email, etc.) within your submitted document. We read all work blind, and failure to follow this rule will result in a rejected and unread submission.

  • You may include a cover letter/biography in the form space below, but these are not read by editors and hold no sway in our selection process.

  • Submission fee is $10.99 USD. Additionally, we are offering a submission option that will include a print copy of our anthology.

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